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Hello Everybody!

I would like to invite my friends and prospective clients to fish on the San and Dunajec rivers in the southern Poland’s Podhale and Nowy Sacz region.

The rivers include catch-and-release sections of about 5 km on the San river and 11 km on the Dunajec river. For a few years, these sections have had their fish stock adequately increased and protected by competent Fishing Guard.

The fish in the river include such species as trout, grayling and so-called Dunajec salmon, that is bull trout.

I would like to keep the prices of trips to Poland cheap and the customers to pay their bills themselves in order to avoid middlemen who increase the costs with their margins.

The prices for both rivers are similar.

Permit – 70 PLN / 18 EUR / 30 $ per day

Double room with bathroom – about 110 PLN / 27 EUR / 40 $

Two meals per day – 70 PLN / 18 EUR / 30 $

A guide agreed on individually – 55 EUR / 80 $ per day

Fees for a group - …. per day

Price-list/ rates

Permit 18 EUR / 30 $

Room 13 EUR / 20 $

Meals 18 EUR/ 30 $

Guide 55 EUR/ 80 $

Additionally, the costs of travel or car rental – everyone may book on their own – or tel. + 48 18 26 50 500

The nearest airport to the rivers is Krakow Balice.

The distance from Krakow to the Dunajec river is 100 km, and to the San river is 260 km.

By the Dunajec river I recommend accommodation in ….

and by the San river in …… in Polanczyk ( www……..

Anglers may be picked up from the airport and driven to the fishing place.

I am a guide myself as are some of my friends, skilled guides speaking English and German.

During the day the guides take care of the anglers, buy permit, give training and guidance on the character of local fishing and try to improve the special technique called’ the Polish nymphing’ . The guide assists the fishing anglers at all times.

All matters concerning the fishing trips to Poland may be consulted at or tel.+48 601 307 699

I will be happy to help you with booking places and dates for fishing on the San and Dunajec rivers.

I warmly invite everybody!

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Best Regards For All Fishermens




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